Have confidence in knowing that, if your pet were to get lost, our QR collar tags contain all the information required to get them home again.

We have teamed up with ScanAPet to bring you these super cute Smart Tags for you pets.


– Your contact details are just a quick scan away
– Anyone with a smartphone can scan our tags
– Small and lightweight make them comfortable for your pet
Suitable for both cats and dogs at just 28mm wide
– Very durable, made from recycled plastics
– Comes with strong rings to attach to your pets collar


Our pets hold a special place in our hearts and are seen as family members in most households. They have the ability to ‘make a house a home’ and most of the time they’re pretty good at finding their way back to you, too!


However, every year there are 100,000’s of pets that are reported missing or are found but never reunited with their owners. 

The QR pet tags clip onto your pets collars. They are small and comfortable, and compliment any existing name tags. Each tag holds a unique QR code containing the registered contact details of the pets owner. 

Any lost pet with a tag can now be easily identified by scanning the QR code with any smartphone. The safe return of a lost furry friend is ultimately the end goal and we want to ensure they have the best chance possible!


Please Note

Scanapet will not store any personal details other than those provided on the contacts page. If someone finds your pet, it is between the discretion of the finder and owner to get your pet home. You can store your phone number, email address, and if you wish, your home address.

Smart ID Tags

  • Please allow up to 5-7 working days for your Smart Tags to be dispatched.