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Introducing the Big & Little Dogs "Salt & Pepper Boucle" Luxe Memory Foam Dog Bed 


About this product:

* The perfect luxe memory foam dog bed for the ultimate relaxation, rest and sleep for your beloved pooch

* Bolstered sides to provide a chin rest for your pooch

* Included water resistant cover provides the assurance that your memory foam won't be ruined from any accidents (you just need to wash the boucle cover). It also provides protection to the memory foam bed from dust and mites.

* Easy to clean, machine washable cover

* Anti slip base


Beds include:

* Memory foam bed

* Waterproof internal cover

* Luxe boucle cover


Beds are vacuum sealed and shipped to you. When you receive your luxe pet bed you will need to unbox and remove it from the vacuum seal packaging. It will take a couple of minutes for the bed pieces to return to their original shape. After they have returned to their original shape you will need to place them inside of the boucle cover.


Sizing of the beds, is in the images!


**Please note these are preordered and take approx 2 weeks to be delivered.**

Luxe Memory Foam Pet Bed

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