Introducing the BIG & LITTLE DOGS "LOST IN PARADISE" premium hammock car seat cover




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Designed to protect your seats from dog hair, wet paws and everything else.

  • Designed for comfort and style with quilted design and thick padding
  • Universal sizing (can be used in most cars that have adjustable headrests or high headrests - low profile headrests may not work as the straps need to connect around the headrest)
  • Made from durable and water resistant materials
  • A non-slip rubber on the underside of the cover provides anti-slip protection
  • The cover allows for a 40/20/40 seat split, so that you can still use your arm rest in the centre of the car and allow flexibility of use.
  • Side panels allow for extra protection to the sides of the seats when your dog is getting in and out of the car
  • The side panels can also be zipped up to provide protection to the interior doors while travelling in the car
  • The hammock design allows you and your dog peace of mind that they won't fall into the footwell and can help to avoid them jumping into the front of the car. 
  • Car restraints that connect into the seatbelt buckle can be easily accessed via the velcro openings
  • The mesh window in the centre of the hammock allows for air to circulate into the backseat
  • A large pocket is built into the hammock section to provide storage



Installation of the cover is simple:

1. Lay the seat cover, non-slip rubber side against the seat

2. Push the seat anchors under the rear seats

3. Lift the back cover up and buckle the straps over the rear headrests

4. If using as a hammock, buckle the loops over the front headrests

5. Adjust the buckles to tighten as required

6. If you wish to use the side panels, zip up the panels and loop the strap through the grab handle on the roof and clip the latches onto the d-rings on the cover.

Lost In Paradise Car Seat Cover

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